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7 Instagram Tips to

Evolve Your Online Store Website

You might have heard different theories on why social media, Instagram, in particular, is good for business.

How can you know for sure Instagram can be helpful for your online store or brand, without wasting your time?

Considering the fact the Instagram is the fastest growing social media in 2018, it is clear that growing on Instagram and promoting your products is more important than ever.

In this article, we will present you with seven different tactics to grow your Instagram’s fan base and make more sales.

Before we get down on the tactics, let’s see why Instagram is good for your online store website. Read more

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3 Reasons Why Instagram is Good for

Ecommerce Businesses

There are three reasons why every ecommerce business owner should consider using Instagram.

-Instagram is all about storytelling: We, people love stories. Storytelling is part of human nature and from a business point of view, telling a story is a great way to establish an emotional connection with your potential customers. Sharing content is the best way to let your people know what you are about. With this in mind, it is helpful to keep in mind that you need to avoid an Instagram feed that promotes products. You should focus on emotions and feelings instead.

-Visual content is important to your marketing strategy: Images are engaging web content. With visual posts, you can produce up to 650% higher engagement. Instagram is a great platform to engage your potential customers and keep them coming back at your online store. Incorporate the images you use on Instagram into your marketing channels.

-It is an excellent opportunity to engage with your community: Instagram has the highest average engagement rate of all social channels. This means the audience on Instagram is open to branded content. One great starting point for generating engagement is to follow people discussing your brand, your website, and your products. Engagement is important as it translates into sales and more loyal customers.

7 Instagram Marketing Tips to Follow

Here are seven actionable tips on how you can gain followers and spread your online store name using Instagram.

1.Share content created by your audience

You can now use Instagram stories to present user-generated content. Your followers love to see that you care about them by featuring their content on your website.

This can also save you from having to create the content by yourself.

Find 2-5 photos a day and post them on your profile. Your customers will love it and they will try to connect with you and your brand immediately.

Business Ideas That Stay-at-Home Parents

2. Acquire content from your followers

Instagram stories can help you get UGC which can happen in a few different ways. You can place calls to action buttons for users to share images of their newest purchase.

You can also use poll stickers to get comments and feedback, as well as, to generate quick social proof.

3. Make your profile public

Even though this is a personal preference, it is better if your business Instagram profile is public instead of private.

Potential new followers are less likely to follow your profile if they can’t see some of your content.

Once you are more established and you have tens of thousands of followers, you can consider making your page private.

When starting out, our advice is to make your page public so your visitors can know what your brand is all about.

4. Optimize

your bio-link

If you aren’t already optimizing your bio, this is something you can easily do right now. If you think of your Instagram profile as an online ad, would you want to drive someone to an ad and not understand any of the information?

Don’t make this mistake with your Instagram bio. You want to provide a strong call to action with a link that sends your followers to your website or online store.

Take some time to think of catchy phrases you can add in your bio.

5. Share moments from

business events

Instagram stories is a great place to promote your business events. Whether the events are from the past, happening right now or are a few days away, you can provoke interest and show everyone what they are missing out.

This can help you increase attendance and build brand awareness at the same time.

6. Be as original

as possible

Instagram stories are way better than feed content, especially if you want to promote your products and show your fun side.

You can use images or videos to tell your business’s story, adding some behind-the-scenes content.

7. Go live

(from time to time)

Another great thing about Instagram stories is that it allows you to broadcast live from your smartphone or tablet and your followers can engage.

This is a great opportunity to host Q&As, interview a featured guest, have a discussion with an influencer or talk about a specific topic.

Once the live is over, you can have it set to be available with the rest of your stories.

Why Instagram is Good for Ecommerce Businesses

Build an Instagram Marketing

Strategy for Your Online Store Website

When it comes to social media marketing, Instagram has been a major player for quite some time now. That is especially true for online stores who get access to a visual-focused platform with active followers and impressive engagement.

In the past three years, Instagram has grown, adopting new features and becoming more valuable to users and businesses alike.

Instagram is essential for businesses’ marketing campaigns. It has a large audience that is more than happy to engage with companies and brands, resulting in increased traffic and high engagement.

We can conclude that Instagram is a must-use platform that ecommerce businesses and websites should add to their marketing plan if they haven’t done that already.

We encourage you to embrace Instagram marketing fully by diving into various features, posting different types of content, engaging with your followers, and much more.

You may be surprised by how fastly you see positive results.